Colourpop Shayla X Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello all,

This week I will be reviewing the new Shayla X Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette. This is the 2nd palette that Shayla has released with Colourpop and me being me I had to check it out.  I have been loving the looks and reviews from other influencers about this palette and I felt that I had to let you all know what my views are.  I ordered this palette on the Colourpop website and it took just a few days to receive it in the mail.  When I first opened up and viewed the palette, I was quite impressed.  Now, this palette didn’t offer as many shades as her first eyeshadow palette but I was very impressed with the shades that she did include.  I feel by just looking at it that you could do a great everyday look and also kick it up a notch to create a great evening look.  Here are the details and link below.

Shayla x ColourPop

Your daily makeup routine has been interrupted by Shayla’s beat af new palette. Wearable warm-toned eyeshadows look fierce on every skin tone, while pops of vibrant yellow and orange create a look that’s uniquely its own. WARNING: Wearing shades from this palette may cause distraction to others around you, Proceed with Caution.

Proceed: matte pale banana
Maintenance: matte chestnut brown
Dead End: metallic yellow gold with silver flecks
Warning: metallic tangerine with a gold flip
HZRD: metallic deep bronze with golden flecks
Caution: matte golden yellow
Drill: metallic true copper
Culture: matte soft brown
Gloves On: matte black with copper flecks


After playing with this eyeshadow palette I can say I do like this palette for an everyday summer look. I had a hard time with the caution shade and my verdict is still out on it a little bit. I was able to achieve payoff in my inner eye corner and this shade is pretty great in the crease. I will say that if you have a great eyeshadow base you can possibly achieve great payoff on the lid.

The other shades in this palette are totally amazing and for $12.00 you can’t beat the payoff. I am all about budget-friendly brands and I love that more and more Influencers are collaborating with Colourpop to make great high-quality products.

So my overall verdict is yes get this palette.  For the price and quality, you can’t go wrong. If you have already purchased this palette let me know below in the comments on what you think about it.  I really hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned to the next one.


Lyric $imone



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