My Journey to Love: My Boyfriend Has Officially Moved In!!

Hello all,

Exciting times!!

This week I want to basically talk about a big life step for me.  My BOYFRIEND HAS MOVED IN.

We have been in our relationship for almost a year now and we have been talking strongly about marriage so it totally made sense for us to move to the next step.

My boyfriend has pretty much been staying at my place more and his lease was about to term so this step just made more sense as well for us.  He officially moved in about two weeks ago and I can say it doesn’t feel any different. I pretty much had gotten used to him being here already.

At first, when he started to stay more often, it was a challenge to get used to a few things. I had to make some changes around my home to accommodate him.  Me being who I am, I love to shop and the hardest thing to give up was one of my closets and bathroom space.  I live in a townhome so space can be a bit limited. When I initially purchased my home it was just me and my daughter, so the house was perfect for us. Now that he has moved in, space has been a little challenging.

So far we are making it work.  I gave away a lot of clothes and shoes that I don’t hoard anymore and I am learning to be more of a minimalist.  I can say that hopefully when we get married and work together to by a larger home in a few years, I will have more of my space back as far as having my own larger walk-in closet and my own bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with a man is interesting in itself.  I am all about having separate spaces for sure.  In all, we are doing great and I can’t be happier that he is fully moved in.

I want to thank you all that have been following this particular journey with me.  Stay tuned for even more updates as far as our relationship journey and if you need to a refresher or you are new to my blog and need to catch up, I have posted links to my past posts about our relationship.

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

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Love you all


Lyric $imone



  1. Moving in with a partner is a HUGE step! It was an amazing experience for myself and just like you, I gave away a lot of my old clothes and shoes too! Nice to be a minimalist… reminds me of the Netflix show Marie Kondo 🙂

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