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Well, folks I finally did it.   I am finally featuring myself for a change.  I haven’t really written about my personal fashion style at all on my blog but today I am. My personal style has changed over time.  When I was in my 20’s I was very out there.  I wanted to show off skin all the time.  I was very adventurous in those days and didn’t really care what other people thought. I was out to set the bar as far as fashion and in my mind, it was up to others to follow.  These days I am now a mother and I am also in my 40s so I had to change up my style a little bit.  I can say that my style is pretty much my own with a little sophistication.


I didn’t really start wearing jumpsuits until the last couple of years and can I say I am hooked. Jumpsuits are just a quick way to pull off a sophisticated look.   My favorite jumpsuit is the black and white stripe number.  This jumpsuit shows off just enough as far as my shape and the comfort is out of this world.


Wearing jumpsuits either to work or going out has been a true staple for me. With this number, I paired a white waisted belt with some white booties.

The Fitted Dress 

As far as fitted dresses,  I have always loved to wear them.  Now when I was younger I loved my dresses to be super tight but back then I had the little body for it.  Bringing myself back to reality, I am not so little anymore and I now have to dress my body the way I am shaped now.  I again paired my favorite white waisted belt with the white booties.  This is a great spring look and this dress compliments my body in a very nice way.



Casual Jean look

This is one of my favorite casual looks when I just want to chill out and be just straight comfortable for the day.  I pretty much throw on a little sweater with some torn jeans and call it a day and if I want to dress up the look a little bit, I will pair some booties with my jeans for a night on the town. If you notice I don’t really like to wear tight fitted jeans. I love to have a little looseness so I can breath lol.



My Favorite Accessory

My most favorite accessory to pair with anything is sunglasses.  I love sunglasses for one it keeps the sun out of my eyes and two it just adds a new dimension to anything I am wearing.  My favorite style of sunglasses are aviators.  I love me a pair of aviator sunglasses because I feel it compliments the shape of my face.


Now it didn’t go into a whole lot of depth regarding my personal style because I love to keep it simple and sophisticated. I do plan doing more fashion posts in the near future and coming more out of my shell more.  I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and look forward to sharing more. Stay tuned to next time!!


Lyric $imone

📸: Jaya Lockhart



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  1. I collect free sunglasses so they aren’t fancy but I pretty much have a pair in every color by this point so I can always mix it up!


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