James Charles Palette Review

“Hi, Sisters” (as would James say it) how are you doing the lovely week.  I am having an awesome week so far and I am so excited to review the James Charles Palette. This palette is his first collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics.  I have been a fan of James for about a year and a half now and to be honest, I had never heard of him until he was chosen to be the CoverBoy for Covergirl Cosmetics. I know I was pretty late to the fan party but like I said in previous blogs I really didn’t catch the makeup junkie bug until maybe 2 years ago.  So I am still finding out about many beauty influencers.

Late last year James came out with this awesome palette for makeup lovers like myself. When he made the announcement/introduction on his YouTube channel, I was quite excited.  I was amazed at how beautiful, colorful and versatile this palette was and I really loved the fact that he was extremely involved in the creation process of his palette.

Now I am sure you are asking why has it taken me so long to review this palette?  Well, the reason is that I tried 4 times to get my hands on it.  Whenever I would find out about a restock it would already be to sold out again.  I have never heard of a palette just constantly restocking and selling out multiple times but I finally was able to order it.

It didn’t take long for the palette to arrive and when I opened the package I was so amazed at how this palette looked in person.  This palette is like the most beautiful palette that I have seen in a long time. Check out the details below.



James Charles Palette:  $39.00
Use Code:  “James” for 10% off

When James Charles says you can create anything, he means it.  The color never ends with this full spectrum of 39 dialed-up, deeply pigmented shades. With four rows of stunning color combos and one a row of super-sized shades, you’ll be ready to take on any look you can dream up. So go on and go for it. And don’t hold back.
(Finish: matte, metallic, and shimmer)

ROW 1: 

  • Canvas (matte cream)
  • Ringlight (shimmer pearl)
  • So Good (metallic true gold)
  • 518 (matte neon orange)
  • Rusted (matte chili orange)
  • Halloween (metallic copper)
  • Wig (metallic warm brass)
  • Tea (matte dark taupe)

ROW 2: 

  • Punch Me (matte latte)
  • Sister (shimmer rose gold)
  • Mary (matte dusty rose)
  • Literally (shimmer flamingo pink)
  • You’re Kidding (matte red)
  • Shook (metallic cranberry)
  • Boutique (matte maroon)
  • Benny (matte black coffee)

ROW 3: 

  • Flashback (matte true white)
  • Face (shimmer champagne highlight)
  • Tune (matte light peach)
  • Code James (matte sunset orange)
  • 10% Off (matte burnt orange)
  • No Beans (matte warm brown)
  • Spooky (matte true black)

ROW 4: 

  • Bee (matte bright yellow)
  • Guac (metallic avocado green)
  • Hello (shimmer blue ice)
  • Playground (matte neon blue)
  • Brother (matte true blue)
  • Artistry (metallic amethyst purple)
  • Love That (matte magenta)
  • Pinkity Drinkity (matte baby pink)

ROW 5: 

  • Social Blade (matte lime green)
  • Daddy (matte forest green)
  • Cape Cod (metallic sea foam blue)
  • Cola (matte royal blue)
  • A Cappella (metallic navy blue)
  • Escape (matte plum purple)
  • Single (matte orchid purple)
  • Skip (matte neon pink)


My Thoughts
I didn’t dive into the palette right away, I actually waited until St. Patrick’s Day to try it out.  I was dying to do a colorful green look for that day and can I say it turned out so pretty.  I had to pat myself on the back on that one.  I also did a pink look a few days later because I wanted to play in the palette a bit more.


Now getting to the actual review the palette is gorgeous and the colors are very pigmented.  According to James, he recommends that you use an eye primer or base for applying the shadows compared to using concealer.  I took his advice when it came to creating my looks and use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  His shadows especially the greens, blues, and pinks are very pigmented so I patted those shadows on instead of using a swiping motion as he also suggested for the best results.

As far as the size, the palette is pretty big so I can say its not the best as far as traveling unless you have a makeup bag that it can store it in.  In my honest opinion, I would probably not take this palette on any trips unless its a quick road trip.   As far as the price, I can say that if you could only afford to buy one eyeshadow palette this would be it. I pretty much haven’t touched my other palette since buying this one.  For my budget-conscious consumers, if $39.00 is a bit pricey, you can still purchase this palette in 4 easy interest-free payments of $9.75 through Afterpay which is a great option by the way.

In all, I can only rave about this palette.  This palette to me is a great deal for the money. You can create so many looks with this palette to bring out your creative self.  I really hope you enjoyed this weeks post and feel free to comment below if you also purchased this palette.  You can also ask questions if you a contemplating but haven’t decided quite to make the investment.  Again thank you for stopping by and checking me out.


Lyric $imone






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