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My Trip to Mobile, AL

Hello all,

This week I will be covering my trip to Mobile, AL.  Previous to this trip it had been over 20 years since I had visited this southern city near the beach.  I and my boyfriend were invited to attend a wedding there so I was most interested to see if the city had changed since I was last there so many years ago.


Mobile was founded as the capital of colonial French Louisiana in 1702 and remained a part of New France for over 60 years. During 1720, when France warred with Spain, Mobile was on the battlefront, so the capital moved west to Biloxi.  In 1763, Britain took control of the colony following their victory in the Seven Years War.  Following the American Revolutionary War, Mobile did not become a part of the United States, as it was part of territory captured by Spain from Great Britain in 1780.

Mobile first became a part of the United States in 1813, when it was captured by American forces and added to the Mississippi Territory, then later re-zoned into the Alabama Territory in August 1817. Finally on December 14, 1819, Mobile became part of the new 22nd state, Alabama, one of the earlier states of the U.S. Forty-one years later, Alabama left the Union and joined the Confederate States of America in 1861. It returned in 1865 after the American Civil War.  Mobile had spent decades as French, then British, then Spanish, then American, spanning 160 years, up to the Civil War.

Our Trip 

The drive from Nashville, TN to Mobile, AL was about 6 hours which wasn’t too bad.  I hate taking road trips but my boyfriend loves plus it would have been a bit complicated to try to fly there so I sucked it up and went along for the ride.  We ended up staying in a suburb of Mobile named Daphne, AL.  Daphne is a nice and quiet little city of its own and the residents were really nice.  When we first arrived we checked into our hotel and decided to get some rest from being on the road.  Later on, we decided to check out  Ed’s Seafood Shed, which is a restaurant in Spanish Fort, AL that was only a few minutes away from our hotel.  The food was pretty good and the water view was very nice.




After dinner, we went back to our hotel and retired for the night.  The next day we planned on seeing some sights, going to a Mardi Gras Parade and attending the wedding later that evening.

What many folks didn’t know about Mobile, AL was that the Mardi Gras celebrations originally started in Mobile. I was quite surprised to find that all out because when you think of Mardi Gras you mainly just picture New Orleans so I was looking forward to seeing how the Mardi Gras celebrations are in Mobile.

Our first stop of the day was the Fairhope Municipal Pier in Fairhope, AL.  It took us about 25 minutes to get to Fairhope. The city reminded me of Downtown Franklin, TN so it felt very familiar to me.  When we got to the Pier, I was taken away by the beautiful view.  We, of course, walked the pier and took pictures.  The weather was so nice compared to the wintry weather we left behind.  If you are into photography, the Fairhope Pier is a great place to visit.


After visiting the pier, we headed to Downtown Mobile, AL to take in a Mardi Gras parade.  Now I have to admit that I have never been to a Mardi Gras parade in my lifetime so I was looking forward to it.  When we arrived downtown, we were able to quickly find parking and select our spot to view the parade. Once it started, I was amazed at all of the beads, toys, and moon pies that were thrown to us.  Apparently, moon pies is a Mardi Gras tradition in Mobile.  We were not able to attend any of the evening parades due to time constraints but all in all we had a great time.




On our last day in the city, we decided to check out another seafood restaurant before we hit the road.  The Bluegill Restaurant is also located in Spanish Fort, AL and also sports a water view.  The food at this restaurant was pretty good and very fulfilling for the price point.  I also tried alligator for the first time in which it did taste a little weird at first but not too bad.


In all, we had a great time in Mobile, AL.  If you are looking to just get away for some relaxation, Mobile overall is a great city to add to your list. I can say that one day in the near future we will surely visit again.


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