E.L.F Cosmetics Hello Hydration!! Face Cream Review

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Today I will be reviewing the E.L.F. Cosmetics Hello Hydration!! Face Cream.  I have been a fan of E.L.F Cosmetics for a few years and they recently released a new face cream that I wanted to try out.  So if you are interested in this cream like I was,  continue reading below.

The Hello Hydration!! Face Cream was just released by E.L.F. Cosmetics a couple of weeks ago. The reason I wanted to try this product out was that I saw the word Hyaluronic Acid. I am a huge fan of products that contain Hyaluronic Acid.  During the winter time, my skin is extremely dry so when E.L.F released this face cream I was like let me try this out.  The product was only $12.00 so if for some reason I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t cry too much because of the cost.

82829_hello hydration!_componentopen

Here is the link and product description below.

Hello Hydration Face Cream

Your next holy grail skin cream has arrived! This ingredient-driven moisturizer helps brighten and even out skin tone, lock in moisture and promote a plumped up, bouncy complexion for just $12! Packed with skin-loving ingredients, this nourishing yet lightweight cream instantly sinks into the skin for a smooth, non-greasy feel and soft, supple skin.

Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Oily, Sensitive and Normal.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid helps provide hydration by locking in moisture and reducing water loss resulting in a plumped up, bouncy complexion.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to help brighten and even skin tone.
  • Squalane helps improve moisture balance and elasticity.
  • Peptides to help promote collagen for a more refreshed complexion.
  • Vitamin B5 to help soothe and hydrate the skin.All e.l.f. skincare products are free from Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.All e.l.f. products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

When I received this cream a few days after I ordered it online, I for one was most impressed by the packaging and like always E.L.F has beautiful packaging for their products.   When opened it up I could immediately tell that it was very creamy and just the right consistency as far as the thickness of the cream.  You can tell if some creams will be more on the heavy side if the thickness of the cream is too thick.  This formulation was just right.  I pretty much did my skincare routine and finished off with the cream and I can truly say I was impressed.  The cream has a slight clean scent but not an overbearing one.  I have sensitive skin so the scent didn’t deter me from using the product.  The cream went on and absorbed nicely into my skin which I loved.  I did some skincare tests by wearing it with and without makeup and I was very impressed with the results.  My skin didn’t feel dry after many hours plus when I did add makeup on top of the face cream the application was pretty flawless.  The cream didn’t didn’t react badly to any of the makeup products I applied to my face.

82829_hello hydration!_swatch-2

I have been using this face cream for about a week now just to see if my skin would have any bad reactions to it and so far my skin loves it.  As you all know very well that being a woman in her 40’s, skincare is a huge part of my life.  I love being my age but not totally looking like it.   I really hope you liked my review and if you have tried this product out let me know in the comments below if you had similar results.  I can say that not every product that I test out will work for all because we are all unique. Well, that is all I got for today.  Stay tuned for my next post.



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