My Furbabies: Fenix & Fergie

Hi all,

I hope you all had a great week.  Today I want to talk about furbabies.  Especially my two furbabies Fenix and Fergie.  I have always had cats and dogs since I was a child so its not a surprise that I currently have two dogs.  During my adulthood, before I had Fenix and Fergie, I had two other dogs.  My most cherished was TJ, my miniature schnauzer but unfortunately, he was stolen.  I was so heartbroken it took me a couple of years to get over that. I tried to get another schnauzer but me and this dog didn’t mesh too well.

About 7 years ago I decided to get a Chihuahua puppy and I named her after my favorite music artist at the time, Fergie.  I got Fergie when she was exactly a month old.  She was so tiny and cute I was so in love.  Fergie, like most chihuahuas,  has her own little personality.  She is my ultimate protector and she is so loving to me and my daughter. As far as my daughter, she is the only child that Fergie can tolerate.  She doesn’t do too well around other kids.  Fergie is the same way as far as meeting new people. Its like she likes you or she doesn’t like you. She loves my mom, my daughter, she loves her dog sitter, my boyfriend, and a small number of my friends but that is basically about it.  She doesn’t do well around other dogs other than my neighbor’s dogs which she has known since she was a puppy.  Other than that she is not a dog park type of dog.   In September she will turn 7 years old so I can only be thankful that I will have more years with her. She is so spoiled and she loves and demands that her tummy is rubbed constantly. She can hear anything which is a plus so I will always know if someone is outside my door.  It is also irritating because if the person is just walking down the sidewalk she will bark as well. I have gone through so many window blinds because she loves diving into the window every time she sees someone outside.  So, in the end, I had to move my piece of furniture that I had at the window so she would stop diving in it. Other than some of those little quirks she is a great companion.






My Morkie(half Yorkie/half Maltese) Fenix became a member of the family 2 years ago.   My sorority sister had purchased her sister out of a litter of 9 puppies and I thought she was so cute.  I reached out to her to inquire where she purchased her little one from and she gave me the breeder information. The breeder had a facebook page so I went on the page to see which puppies she had left.  She did a special post about Fenix and I saw this beautiful tiny face. I found out that the breeder was intending on keeping Fenix but found out that she was going to be too little to breed.  So they made the hard decision to put her up for sale.  When I saw her picture online I knew I had to have her.  So I contacted the breeder and put down the deposit and got my tiny black puppy about 2 weeks later.  Fenix was so small when I got her.  She was the smallest puppy I had ever seen I was so scared to hold her at first but when I got her home I knew she was going to be a great fit for my family.   Fenix is a total 360 from Fergie, she loves everyone, unlike Fergie who has to be around you for a while before she will start to like you. Fenix is so affectionate and she loves to lick and kiss you constantly.  Of course, Fergie hated her when she first arrived. Fergie didn’t have a clue of what she was but found out real quick that this little tiny dog was not going anywhere. It was a tense 4 to 5 months before I felt that I could have Fergie and Fenix out in the same area together. Fergie eventually accepted Fenix and now they are best buds.  Fergie has even taken a more motherly role as far as Fenix is concerned and looks out for her now.






I love my fur babies and I spoil them to death.  Both Fergie and Fenix are part of the family.  So far it’s all girls in the house but in the near future, we will be adding a guy to the mix since I will be getting married soon down the road.  My boyfriend loves us all and can’t wait to be part of a family of girls.  Fergie and Fenix can get of my nerves with their play fighting and barking but I could not imagine my life without them.





I hope you enjoyed reading about little fur family. Comment below and drop your links if you have any furbabies yourself.  I would love to read about them.






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