Blogging Goals For 2019

Hello all,

As 2018 comes to an end, I do have some New Year Blog resolutions for 2019.  I started this blog in March of 2018. I had no idea where this journey will take me but I can say that 2018 was an eye-opener.  I have met some great people and I plan on being more social in 2019.  I am a bit of an introvert so it can be hard for me to meet and socialize with other people.  The blog community here in Nashville is pretty awesome.  The community is very big but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to really socialize like I wanted to.

In September I got a big job promotion and with that came more responsibilities. It became a bit difficult to continue getting out and going to social events like I had planned. So for 2019, I plan on working more on my time management and actually get out a socializing a bit more.   I also plan on changing up my social media and become more relatable to my audience.  Yes, I am a lifestyle blogger but I feel I need to let you all in a bit more on my life.  So my boyfriend doesn’t know this yet but he will be my own personal photographer for a little bit until I find a photographer I am comfortable working with.

As far as working with brands, I do hope that I may get that opportunity this year.  I also have set goals to hopefully gain at least 300 more subscribers next year.  I believe that it’s a manageable goal. I know that the process can be slow and I also know that with that one opportunity my site blows up but I am a very realistic person so I know these things takes time.

Next year I plan on doing more traveling so I hope that I will be able to produce more content more focus on that area.  I also plan on doing a series around me making life changes as far as my diet.  I have been on the Ketos diet for about a month now so stay tuned for some posts based on that journey.

I want to say thank you to all of my current blog subscribers and social media followers.  I could not have imagined that you all will be interested in my journey.  I love you and yes I plan on growing and transforming with all of you along for the ride. I really and truly appreciate you all.

Well, folks, I end 2018 on a high note and I can’t wait for what 2019 will bring.


Lyric $imone



  1. I’m excited to see some of your traveling. I’m also curious about the Keto diet so that will be fun to read about. Praying this next year you are able to accomplish all and more.


  2. Hi Lyricsmone!
    These are great goals. And it does appear that a lot of bloggers are introverts, so you are in great company. It’s amazing that there is a thriving community of bloggers in Nashville. Now I wish I live there. I live though not too far, as I am in Knoxville TN, and my daughter lives in Nashville. I believe you will do great in 2019 cos you have well laid out goals that are achievable such as getting 300 subscribers. I wish I could say the same. I started blogging about the same time but growth has been slow. Good luck and wishing you success in 2019.


  3. Happy 2019! These are great goals! I can relate to your introversion. That being said, I would love to socialize with bloggers IRL, but being in the Netherlands and blogging in English, that’s unlikely to happen. I look forward to reading about your diet.


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