Christmas & New Years Eve Plans

Hello all,

Today I want to basically fill you all in on my Christmas and New Years Eve plans. This year started off sort of on a down note and by June I was living my best life.  I started this blog, found the love of my life and I got a new job promotion at work.  So for Christmas this year I decided to dial it back a little.  My boyfriend will be out of town visiting family so I will only be me, my daughter and my fur babies this year like usual.

For Christmas, in past years I would go all out with the gift wrapping and the Christmas stocking stuffing.  This year I am going to do it a little different.  I have decided not to wrap anything.  I am going to be lazy for a change.  Every year I have such a big clean up with wrapping gifts and cleaning up the wrapping paper after my daughter rips the wrapping paper to shreds opening her gifts. So when she goes to sleep on Christmas eve I will put her gifts out. On Christmas morning, she will come down and just be happy with what I got her for Christmas.  We will then go over to my cousin’s house for our big family brunch where we will just eat, listen to Christmas music and play games.

My boyfriend will be flying back on Christmas day so after I pick him up from the airport me and him will do our own gift exchange.  Also, my father is in town so my boyfriend will be finally meeting my dad.  I can say I am not as nervous as I was when my boyfriend met my mom. My dad is a bit more laid back than my mom. He is one of those dads that can’t wait to have that bridal experience walking his daughter down the aisle. My mom on the other hand I feel doesn’t want me to ever get married.

For New Years I got invited to an NYE house party so we will go and have a great time with friends.  I hope that next year I will be able to go out of town and travel somewhere warm.  Going into 2019 I can say I am truly blessed and I am looking forward to great things happening in 2019.

Well that it folks with my Christmas and New Years plans.  Comment and let me know what you have planned.

Love you all!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years





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