E.L.F Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer Review

Hello all,

This week I am reviewing the new E.L.F Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer.  I was on the E.L.F site just browsing around and I noticed that E.L.F released a brand new putty primer.  I was quite interested in this primer because I have heard through the grapevine that this primer is a nice dupe of the Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer.  With an $8.00 price tag, I was really interested in ordering and try this out. During the winter I have really dry skin so I am not sure this will work for me too well right now but I am sure this would be wonderful during the warmer months.


This skin perfecting putty primer is infused with Squalane to help grip makeup for all-day wear and help protect the skin from moisture loss. The velvety texture glides effortlessly over the skin, smoothing over imperfections for a poreless effect.

This primer was sold out initially for a little bit but I was able to catch this on a 50% sale during Black Friday.  It didn’t take long for me to receive the product in which E.L.F is really good as far as shipping their in-stock products in a timely manner.

Even though it is cooler and my skin is a little bit on the dry side I decided to give it a try. The texture of this primer is a velvety texture as described and it went on pretty smoothly.  I did notice that it gave me a smoothing effect as far as my pores.  I usually moisturize my skin pretty good in the winter time so I was quite surprised that this went on pretty smooth.  I did notice a few times that it balled up a little bit in which I was able to just resmooth that out of the way.  I assumed it did that because even though I moisturized my skin, my skin is still pretty dry during the winter.  Other primers of this type of formulation have done the same thing so I wasn’t that alarmed.

I waited about 20 seconds before applying my foundation in which my foundation went on pretty smoothly and the overall finish was pretty good.  I use a fool coverage foundation so I really wanted to see how this primer will hold up after a full day 10 hour day.

I can say that the last couple of times that I have used this primer my makeup held up pretty nicely to my surprise.  I have used a similar primer from another brand and had some issues as far as using it during the winter months.  So it was pretty nice that I am potentially able to use this primer during the cold winter months.  I will surely test this out during the warmer months or if I so happen to travel to a warmer climate so I can give you all an update on how it held up in a future post.

So to sum this all up, I really liked this primer and for the price point, I can only recommend this product.  If you have extremely dry skin, just make sure you apply a decent amount of moisturizer beforehand before using.

Well, that is my review for today.  I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you all tune in next time.







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