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My Teenage Daughter has a Boyfriend

Hi all,

This week I am writing about something I have not been looking forward to for a long time.  About two or three weeks ago, my daughter was talking on the phone.  Her body language was so familiar at the time but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Then one day she was talking on the phone again and still having this same body language and I so happen to come into her room and I saw that she was FaceTiming with this little boy.  At first, I was like shocked but then I was like dang its happened.

I know that my daughter is 13 years old but when I was 13 I was a huge tomboy. I liked boys but I wasn’t talking to any on the phone.  I was all about climbing trees and finding trails in the woods to take.  My daughter at this age is the total opposite of myself.  She is a girly girl.  I don’t think there is a tomboy bone in her little body.  So getting back to this FaceTime call.  I was surprised and I didn’t know how to really feel.

Fast forward to the next week.  My daughter started wanting me to get her to school a bit earlier than normal.  I was like I am not going to change my morning routine for you. But when I dropped her off at school, there he was with all the little kids standing there waiting for her to get out of the car. My opinion of this young man was hmm he is a little cute and when I saw my daughter go up and hug this little boy, her whole life flashed before my eyes.  I remember when I gave birth to her, cradling her and changing her diapers and now she is liking this little boy.

I am coming to the understanding that my daughter is growing up and that in five short years my daughter will be an adult.  I try not to be the strict parent but I do have to set some rules and boundaries as far as my daughter having a boyfriend.  My daughter did ask me if she and her boyfriend could go to the movies. I didn’t say no but I did tell my daughter that I will need to meet this young man and also his parents. Then as far as dating once my daughter can show that she is mature enough I may let her go on dates by herself when she is like 15 or almost 16.

These days I feel that kids are just growing up so fast.   I still want to incorporate some rules that were placed upon me by my mother growing up. As parents, we are developing and learning as we go and we can only hope that our children make the best decision for themselves and their futures.

Well, this is all for this week.  I hope you all really enjoyed this post and feel free to comment below.






  1. It is always terrifying when girls get to this age. It is then that you start hoping that your teaching and your influence will have more influence than the influence of the peers and the pull to be cool etc. And yes these days, it is much scarier, they are growing up too soon exposed to so much losing innocence too early. Keep a tight loving grip mama, and keeping guiding that young lady.


  2. Hi Lyric,

    I’ve lived through this horror story! My daughter was 12 when she announced that she had her first boyfriend. And when she went on her first date to the movies both me and the boy’s mom were there sitting together and watching them. It’s quite funny now and makes me smile. But at that age relationships don’t last more than a few months, so there’s a potential bright side.

    And you are so right that the time flies by. But she has always been a good girl with strong values and has always acted responsibly. So it’s good to set rules but also to know your child and watch out for any behavior changes that are not in line with your teachings.


  3. I can’t even bring myself to imagine this. My little girl is only 18 months old. However, in my time, I never got into a relationship until I turned 32. I just wish she will be like me.


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