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Black Friday Shopping

Hello all,

This week I want to talk about that ole holiday tradition of Black Friday shopping.  I have been participating in this holiday tradition since I have been an adult.  Black Friday is the time of year where you can get crazy great deals on anything you can think of.  This year for me was not that different.  I decided to shop at a few stores this year so I basically want to share some of the items I was able to get plus let you know what deals I got.


This year at ULTA I decided to pick up a few items.  The biggest item on my shopping list was the IT Cosmetic brushes for $10.00 regular price $24.00.


IT Brushes for Ulta Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101



IT Brushes for Ulta Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush #110


I also picked up a few other things from Ulta which were not on sale but my goal was to pick up these brushes.

New York & Company

This year I picked up a few items from New York & Company.  I have been an avid shopper at New York and Company for many years.  My style has changed in many ways over my lifetime.  My style is more on the sophisticated side and I also shop for clothing that I can wear anywhere including work.  As you all know, I am in my forties and there are a few things that I just can’t get away with wearing so New York & Company has pretty much been my staple goto for a long time.

Here are a few things I picked up.  On Black Friday, New York was offering 75% off plus an extra 10% off plus free shipping if you decided to order off of their website. For me, this was the perfect time to pick up some new staple pieces to add to my wardrobe. Here are links to the items that I decided to purchase.

Stripe V-Neck Tunic Sweater – Regular price $54.95 Sale price $27.47

7th Avenue Signature – Pull-On – Pants – Regular Price $42.95 Sale Price $15.00 – I purchased this pant in 5 different colors. Black/Grand Sapphire/True Burgandy/Red/Grey

Stripe Off The Shoulder Sweater – Regular price $49.95 Sale Price $24.97

7th Avenue V-Neck Sweater – Regular Price $49.95 Sale Price $19.98 – I purchased this sweater in Black and Dusty Rose

Stripe Button Mock Neck Sweater – Regular Price 54.95 Sale Price 19.99

That was pretty much all that I picked up. I plan on checking out more deals the day after  Christmas which is another great time of year to pick up some staple pieces for fall/winter season.

Rue 21 

Well my intention, when I went to Rue 21, was to pick up a few things for my daughter. To my surprise, Rue 21 had a few things that I decided to purchase for myself.  They had a huge sale on their shoes and boots. I have been in desperate need for a new pair of comfortable brown boots. The boots, of course, was only $15.00 so I had to pick up a pair for both me and my daughter. I also picked up a few other items for my daughter and matching hoodies.

Dark Brown Faux Leather Lace-up Boots – Regular Price 29.00 Sale price $15.00

Black Colorblock Queen Graphic Hoodie – Regular Price 25.99 Sale price 15.59

Exposed Skincare

Okay, this purchase wasn’t planned but when I got to Houston, my stepmother noticed that I had some breakouts in my cheek and chin areas.  I have been suffering from hormonal acne for a couple of months and I am at my wit’s end as far as finding a skin care regimen that will actually work.  My stepmother mentioned that she has also been suffering from hormonal acne due to some medication she was on and recommended this skincare line. She advised that someone else had told her that this skincare line is one of the best for treating and fighting hormonal acne.  My stepmom even let me try out her kit and can I tell you within two days I have started to notice a difference.  So I decided to order my own skincare kit. I can say I have high hopes that line will be my saving grace.  I have spent a ton of money on skincare due to this issue so I have my fingers crossed.  Exposed Skin Care is having a 15% Black Friday sale so if you are a hormonal or even regular acne suffer go check them out.  I plan on doing a blog post about this line in the future.

Well, that’s it, folks.  I did buy a few other things during Black Friday for other members of my family but I wanted to share the different deals I got for myself.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and stay tuned for the next one.








  1. I love Ulta! They have the best deals right now, and their rewards program is great too. Those IT brushes look really nice. I am super picky with getting soft brushes and those look amazing. Thanks for sharing!


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