When I Finally Found Him – My Journey to Love (Part 1)

This week I want to share my personal journey to love.  I have been contemplating for a while about writing something so personal but with the encouragement of my friends and also him, I am starting a series about this journey that I am currently on.  I am not sure how long this series will last because this journey is still happening. I just hope you all can relate and wish me luck.

I first met him at an event earlier this year in January.  At the time, I was dating a few but nothing really serious.  My urging for love was strong of course because it seems to get that way for me during the holidays. I had a true envy for couples especially seeing all of their Facebook and Instagram post sharing there love for each other.  I even saw a few marriages and proposal occur during that time frame.

I was just sitting in my room one day and thinking to myself why not me.  I know I am getting up there in age but I don’t look like my age and I think I look pretty attractive.  I did gain some weight over that particular year due to a neck injury but nothing to really be concerned about since the weight went all to the right places but anyway I was just asking myself why.

So getting back to January I decided to go out to this event that happens every month.  I actually went by myself for the very first time because if I waited on a date take me I was never going to go and my friends all had things to do that day and they really didn’t want to drive since it was a pretty cold that night.  The spot was jumping as usual and I was just standing there at the bar enjoying the music when this guy came up to me to say hi. Like my usual self,  I turned on the don’t bother me face but he persisted with having a conversation with me and during that conversation a learned a few things about him which was pretty cool but that was about it.  We got separated somehow and I didn’t see him the rest of the evening. He even gave me his phone number but I was in such a dating funk at the moment I didn’t really feel like saving his number in my phone at the time.  I did notice that he never asked for my number so I guess he wasn’t really that interested in me either.

Boy was I wrong.

After the event, I pretty much went on with my daily life as usual.  I felt that I really needed to be by myself for a minute and just reflect on me for a change and not worry about trying to date or find a man out here.  I figured that I was all alone for a reason.  I felt that I was making bad choices as far as the type of guys I dated. I realized that I really needed to make a change.  Stop trying to find those guys that I have always dreamed about and actually find a guy that dreamed about me. A guy that when he looked at me, he saw “Queen” “Potential Wife” “Partner”.  I truly believe that I didn’t look at myself as any of those types of women and I really needed to work on that.

Over the next couple of months, I really took the time to focus on me and work out some kinks.  I had a few things that I needed to move past from that I was holding on to. It was time to let go and when I did my life changed.  Now I can truly say I am that queen, that potential wife, that partner and it was about time I acted that way.

Now you are going to have to tune into for Part 2 on what happens next in this awesome journey.  I really hoped you enjoyed Part 1 and feel free to comment below.






  1. Awesome! Great where you said you had some things of your own to work on. Found this true also with myself after my divorce. Looking forward to part 2.


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