When I Finally Found Him – My Journey to Love (Part 1)

This week I want to share my personal journey to love.  I have been contemplating for a while about writing something so personal but with the encouragement of my friends and also him, I am starting a series about this journey that I am currently on.  I am not sure how long this series will last because this journey is still happening. I just hope you all can relate and wish me luck.

I first met him at an event earlier this year in January.  At the time, I was dating a few but nothing really serious.  My urging for love was strong of course because it seems to get that way for me during the holidays. I had a true envy for couples especially seeing all of their Facebook and Instagram post sharing there love for each other.  I even saw a few marriages and proposal occur during that time frame.

I was just sitting in my room one day and thinking to myself why not me.  I know I am getting up there in age but I don’t look like my age and I think I look pretty attractive.  I did gain some weight over that particular year due to a neck injury but nothing to really be concerned about since the weight went all to the right places but anyway I was just asking myself why.

So getting back to January I decided to go out to this event that happens every month.  I actually went by myself for the very first time because if I waited on a date take me I was never going to go and my friends all had things to do that day and they really didn’t want to drive since it was a pretty cold that night.  The spot was jumping as usual and I was just standing there at the bar enjoying the music when this guy came up to me to say hi. Like my usual self,  I turned on the don’t bother me face but he persisted with having a conversation with me and during that conversation a learned a few things about him which was pretty cool but that was about it.  We got separated somehow and I didn’t see him the rest of the evening. He even gave me his phone number but I was in such a dating funk at the moment I didn’t really feel like saving his number in my phone at the time.  I did notice that he never asked for my number so I guess he wasn’t really that interested in me either.

Boy was I wrong.

After the event, I pretty much went on with my daily life as usual.  I felt that I really needed to be by myself for a minute and just reflect on me for a change and not worry about trying to date or find a man out here.  I figured that I was all alone for a reason.  I felt that I was making bad choices as far as the type of guys I dated. I realized that I really needed to make a change.  Stop trying to find those guys that I have always dreamed about and actually find a guy that dreamed about me. A guy that when he looked at me, he saw “Queen” “Potential Wife” “Partner”.  I truly believe that I didn’t look at myself as any of those types of women and I really needed to work on that.

Over the next couple of months, I really took the time to focus on me and work out some kinks.  I had a few things that I needed to move past from that I was holding on to. It was time to let go and when I did my life changed.  Now I can truly say I am that queen, that potential wife, that partner and it was about time I acted that way.

Now you are going to have to tune into for Part 2 on what happens next in this awesome journey.  I really hoped you enjoyed Part 1 and feel free to comment below.





8 Comments Add yours

  1. CaNesha says:

    Yassss!! Juicy. Can’t wait for part two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lyricsimone says:

      I followed you back as well 😊


  2. Girl, you got me hooked! Patiently waiting😊


  3. Jenny says:

    Fun read, waiting for the next too


  4. Aysia says:

    I LOVED what you said about stop looking for the guy and find the guy that’s looking for you. Excited for part 2!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. healthywithjamie says:

    Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!


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