My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello all,

This week I wanted to write about my everyday makeup routine. For a long time I never truly had a makeup routine and to be honest I really had no idea what I was doing.  I knew a few tricks here and there but for a really long time, my makeup routine was really basic.

I pretty much want to give a break down on what I do as far as my routine on a daily bases. Now, these may seem like a lot of steps but I usually complete all of these steps in 30 minutes.

Step 1:  Skin Preparation

Every morning I get up and do my normal skin prep. I first wash my face with warm water just to make sure nothing really settled into my skin overnight.  The next thing I do is go over my skin with some facial toner just to remove any remaining makeup or build up that may have accumulated.  I then apply some Vitamin C serum which helps with skin discoloration and hydration. After that, I apply my eye cream and facial moisturizer.

Step 2:  Primer

The next step in my routine is applying a primer. Primer helps prepare your skin for foundation and concealer.  It also conceals any flaws and minimizes pore visibility. For many years I never applied primer and for the life of me, I could not understand why my foundation during certain times of the year ended up a total mess on my skin.  Once I got a full understanding as far as using a primer, it totally changed my views and techniques. I pretty much on use a small application of primer and rub all over my face letting it absorb in for about a minute or two before applying foundation.

Step 3:  Foundation

The next step in my routine is applying a foundation that matches my skin and skin tone.  On a daily bases, I rotate between two budget-friendly foundations from week to week.  The foundations that I love to use is the Maybelline Superstay Foundation and the Colourpop No Filter Foundation. The formulations of these two foundations are quite different but the coverage is pretty much about the same.  My skin can act up sometimes as far as dryness.  Some weeks my skin is extremely dry and then at times, my skin is more on the combination side.  So based on how my skin is doing, is basically how I choose which foundation to go with.

Step 4:  Concealer

After I apply foundation, I apply concealer underneath my eyes since I do suffer from slightly dark under eye circles. I also highlight the middle of my forehead in a tree motion and also down the bridge of my nose just to highlight and brighten those areas of my face.

Step 5: Contouring and Bronzing

To create more definition I will contour with either a darker concealer or a bronzer but usually, for my everyday look, I will use a bronzer vs a darker concealer.

Step 6:  Setting the face with Setting Powder

After applying my foundation, concealer, and contour I usually set my face with setting powder. I love to be pretty matte these days so I always use a setting powder. I usually use a power that has a banana or yellow undertone to it. Setting powder can also be used to “bake” with as well. I usually bake for a few seconds in my t-zone areas doing the summer months but during the winter I don’t “bake” at all because I tend to get very dry in the winter.

Step 7: Brows

After I set my foundation, contour, and concealer, I move on to the next step which is my eyebrows.  This process takes me the longest to do based on what day my brows are having.  Sometimes they have good days and bad days. On good days it takes me only about 5 minutes to finish shaping and drawing out my brows.  I, unfortunately, was not born with full thick brows so yes, I have to do a little drawing to get my preferred shape. On bad days it may take me about 15 to 20 minutes which can be truly irritating.  I usually get my brows threaded on a monthly bases so during those growing out stages is when I usually have this issue.  As far as products that I like to use, I go back and forth between eyebrow pencils, pomade, and gels.  It just all depends on what type of look I am going for during the day.

Step 8:  Eye Shadow application

After I get my eyebrows set I then start my eyeshadow application.  For my everyday look, I usually go with a simple or work glam look all depending on what I am wearing to work that day.  If I decide to wear a more casual outfit with jeans, I tend to keep my eyeshadow application more on the natural side but there are times that I will have some executive meetings that I have to attend in which I dazzle up my eyeshadow look. On weekends if I don’t really have anywhere to go I don’t even wear eyeshadow or I keep my application at a minimum.  If I decide to venture out then all depending on the event will determine what type of application that I decide to do.

Step 9: Blush and Highlighter

Getting close to the end of my everyday makeup application I apply blush and highlighter.  I love wearing blush because it accents my cheeks and adds a little glow to my look.  As far as highlighting I love adding some brightness and a little pop to my look.  I can say I will wear blush and highlighter every day including the weekends no matter where I am going.

Step 10: Setting Spray

You can’t have a great every day look without setting your makeup in place.  For many years I never used setting spray but in recent years I have embraced setting my makeup. I do use some different setting sprays based on where I am going but for my everyday look I go with basic drug store setting sprays that are just a good as your prestigious brands and I will use the more expensive setting sprays for events or nights out on the town.

Step 11: Mascara Application

The final step after I set my makeup is applying mascara.  I was blessed with long eyelashes and yes I love to show them off. The reason that I don’t put on mascara before I use the setting spray is that mascara tends to run or get real sticky after applying. Also, I don’t apply falsies that often unless I am going out for a major event but for my everyday makeup look, mascara is a must.

Well, that’s all folks. I know this post was a little long but I really wanted to break down my everyday makeup look.  Please feel free to comment below.




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  1. Girl, I needed this. I have been doing the no-makeup makeup for years now… literally BB cream and mascara. But now I want to try and integrate some eyeliner and shadow back in… maybe blushes and highlighters, too. So I’ll be trying a bunch of this… although I have NEVER done my brows before …


  2. I love your daily makeup routine. Now I work from home, I wear makeup occasionally, but having a primer is a must for me. My daughter just gave me a set of Elf products for my birthday.


  3. Thank you for sharing! I used to wear a ton of make-up, no matter where I was going. I still love it, but now I feel like I can do more with less. Makes me feel even better. But don’t get me wrong, I know what you are talking about and I still have my makeup bag. So I love reading about what the girls are using. Thanks 🙂


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