Dating: The New Rules

Hi all,

This week I want to talk about my experiences with dating especially now. Dating has been a bit complicated for me these last few years.  Since my daughter was now a bit older I decided to try to put myself out there.  Can I say getting out there has been so different?  Dating has changed so much that I am not sure how to navigate.

Online Dating

I first tied out online dating. Online dating consists of either signing up and creating a profile on dating sites online or signing up through mobile dating apps. I tried the dating mobile apps and I found it pretty fun to swipe left or right and actually find matches that swiped right on me as I did them which was cool. The excitement was real when the guy actually reached out and contacted you or me them. Unfortunately, the experiences that I had with a few matches were awful. I kept encountering guys that were only out there for hookups and I found that married guys were using those apps to better hide their cheating from their spouses.

Now I know that many have found love through online dating so I know it works, but for me, I guess I am still very cautious of course for the obvious reason and I am still a bit old fashion.

Is Chivalry Really Dead?

The one question that I now have to ask. “Is Chivalry Really Dead?” I have found that a lot of guys really hide behind their phones. When did text messaging become the new normal for dating?

I miss the days of talking on the phone and actually meeting someone face to face. Now I have to think about texting someone all the time or having to use a messaging service like Facebook or DM’s on IG to communicate with someone.

I have dated guys that are both older and younger and you would think that the older guys would be more old fashion but unfortunately, they are not.  Nowadays like I said earlier, I am finding that guys prefer to have conversations through text messaging.  I can’t tell you how many times a guy has told me that he is uncomfortable with actually talking on the phone. Like when did it become so uncomfortable to talk on the phone and have a conversation with someone?

I remember a time before texting on cell phones that to go on a date, you actually have to call someone on the phone and talk to them. These days with everything being so mobile I feel that dating all takes place on a mobile phone.

I can say that I have had some hits and misses by trying to step out of my comfort zone on faith.  Not sure that I will do the online dating thing again because I have had some horrible experiences with that but I am looking to open up my preferences a little bit and date bit more with the hope that I will have better luck.

Who knows, I may finally find my Mr. Right but in the end unless you are truly happy with yourself being single how will you be happy with anyone else.

Well, that is my two cents on the dating world from my perspective.  I really hope you enjoyed my views and please feel free to comment below.






  1. At 63 and married for 43 years, I can see that with the exception of technology being included now, not much has changed. Thanks for sharing Lyric.


  2. It’s so hard these days isn’t it!! Finding that one person without having all the games attached is tricky. Online dating has opened up a whole new world to the players and knowing who is legitimate and who’s not is such a hard thing.


  3. If a guy is serious about finding his special someone then he is not going to want to text. Kick the texters to the curb by letting them know that you would prefer an opportunity to meet in person, only. Better yet, find Mr. Right where he conducts the majority of his free time…like a sporting event, church, library, yacht club, museum, art gallery…anywhere that guys will not be sticking their nose in a phone 🙂


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