What and How To Pack For Summer Vacations!!!

Hello all,

Summer is here in full effect which means that a lot of families will be taking awesome summer vacations. So today I want to focus on basically what essentials that you should pack and how you should pack for summer vacations.


Packing for me was never enjoyable and to add to that a few years ago, airlines started to charge baggage fees for checking luggage.  So me being a mom on a budget I either flew on Southwest Airlines in which you can still to this day check 2 bags for free or I had to find ways of packing everything I could into a carry on when traveling on other airlines. Now I know that if you are going for a 7+ day vacation that packing everything into a carry on is nearly impossible and it is pretty much nearly impossible for me.  So at times, I do pay luggage fees for 1 large size travel bag in which I try my best to keep the weight meaning my clothing and the bag at under 50lbs.  So many ask the question.  How do you get all of your things in either a carry on for short trips or just the 1 large bag for longer trips?  So below I have included a few tips and links to items that you could purchase to accomplish this goal.

1.  Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are awesome for neatly packing all your clothes tightly into space saving bags. Packing cubes allow you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Your clothes will stay more wrinkled free and not get crushed during your travels. With these particular packing cubes, a laundry bag is also included so that you can separate your dirty clothes from your fresh clothes on your journey back home.

Using packing cubes has saved me so much money as far as travel fees.  You can pack so many outfits and a plus with traveling during the summer you are not necessarily taking clothing that is really bulky, like coats and sweaters.  I pretty much only pack dresses, shorts, blouses, t-shirts and maybe 2 pairs of jeans when I travel during the summer.  As far as shoes I only pack 1 pair of tennis shoes, 2 or 3 pairs of sandals and may 2 pair of flip flops and that is pretty much it.

Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag (Dark Grey)

2.  Toiletries Kits 

When I travel,  it is a must to travel with travel size products especially when I do decide to not check my luggage but take a carry-on. There are strict airport guidelines what sizes/items are permitted through airport security.  Plus for a carry on it will need to be a certain size so that I will fit in an overhead bend. So when I know that I have a trip coming up, I will head on to or to my local Walmart and purchase toiletry kits. Purchasing travel size items are a must while traveling.  Instead and trying to figure out if this or that will clear airport security, just purchase your travel essentials in smaller sizes.  Here is a great example of a toiletry kit in which you can purchase for an awesome price. Also as far as my skincare, I will head to my local Ulta store and purchase travel sizes of my favorite products that I can live without when I travel and for some reason, if a product is not offered in travel sizes I will look for a suitable substitute to use during my travels.

CONVENIENCE KITS – Women’s Premium Travel Accessories Kit, Travel Size Toiletries, Travel Essentials and Accessories, Travel Toiletry, Accessories for Women, Travel Gifts for Women, 20-Piece Travel Kit

3.  Makeup Travel Bag

When I travel of course I want to bring makeup so I can look my best while taking photos of myself on vacation.  So a travel must is a great makeup travel bag in which you can fit all of your essential products and comfortable fit the makeup bag in either your carry-on bag or suitcase.  It can be difficult to pick and choose what to take so I have pretty learned how to narrow down and take makeup products that I can either use to accomplish more than one thing as far as my makeup routine.  Of course, I have travel makeup brushes as well.  I have included a link below to a great makeup travel bag which you can use to pack all of your makeup essentials.

SHPMAS Makeup Train Cases Professional Travel Makeup Bag Cosmetic Cases Organizer Portable Storage Bag for Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Toiletry Travel Accessories Jewelry Essential oil 10.3″

4.  Packing List

When you are planning a vacation you can never go wrong with a packing list.  I have always printed out or created my own packing list.  Are you the one person that pre-packs so you can make sure that everything will fit in a bag or even that your bag is under the weight limit well that person is me, but I never fail to forget something. So now when I pack I strictly go by a packing list just to make sure I don’t forget anything essential to my trip.  So here is a great example of a packing list that I have posted below that you could use.

5.  Safety

Safety is a big item when you are traveling so please make sure you follow some of these tips below.

  1. Do your research – Before I travel to a new destination no matter if I am in the US or traveling abroad.  I basically research about what is happening as far as news and I also go to the US State Department Website just to make sure I am fully aware of any travel advisories for certain countries.
  2. Keep things private – Try to avoid posting every detail about your whereabouts on social media.  There are a lot of thieves that lurk on social media to find folks that they know are on vacation in which they can rob their homes.  So if you do like to post on social media make sure you change your social media profiles to private so that only your friends/family are able to view your postings.
  3. Documents – Make sure you have a photocopy of your travel documents such as passports and identifications (Drivers license). If for some reason you lose any of your documents it will be so much easier to get replacements at the US Embassy.
  4. Pack a Travel Health kit – Just in case you have any travel mishaps in which you may require a bandage or ointments for bug bites or cuts. Plus I also include bug spray.  When you travel to hot places, I always bring a travel size bug spray to make sure I keep myself free of the nasty bug bites.

So I hope that you have found this week’s post helpful and please travel safely during your family summer adventures.








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  1. I am also team carry-on only for the most part but have yet to try out packing cubes yet. I think I really should because while I may be a master packer when getting ready, everything seems to go wrong when I’m on the road! Great post, thanks!


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