Being A Mother to a Teenage Daughter

Hi all,

This week I just want to talk about my experiences of being a mother to a teenage daughter.  I can say the early years were difficult but now that my daughter is a teenager, I am terrified of what is about to occur.  Don’t get me wrong my daughter I haven’t had many issues but the other day I just had a chance to sit there and just look at her and realize that this human that I use to hold in my arms is now almost the same height as me.  I then wonder wow in a few short years my daughter will be 18 years old and heading to college hopefully.

I am a single mother to my daughter.  The circumstances as far as me and my daughter’s father was unavoidable and I was faced with raising her all on my own.  I know that I have been the best mother that I can be with what I was faced with.  I have made a lot of sacrifices to give my daughter a nice home and provide her with anything that she has ever asked me for.  Did I spoil my daughter in some ways? I did,  but I tried not to spoil her rotten.  I left all that to her grandparents.

I am looking forward to her coming to me for advice about boys and guiding her through the body changes that have already started to happen to her. I am looking forward to our relationship maturing and I pray and hope that she doesn’t become a teenage terror.

A lot of parents were not so lucky during these years with their children, but I hope by me talking about my fears being a parent to a teenager I can put some parents as well as myself at ease.

I am looking forward to the new adventures that are about to take place for me and I hope to write to you all again and keep you posted on my journey as a parent during these teenage years with my daughter.  Some of you all will surely relate to how I am feeling.

Please feel free to comment and even give me some parental advice.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

Stay tuned to next week





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