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Influenster Cherish VoxBox Review

Hello all,

This week I am going to do a review on the Influenster Cherish VoxBox that I recently received from Influenster.  I have been a member of Influenster for a few months and basically, this company sends out products to makeup and product junkies like myself to test out.  This is the 2nd box that I have received from Influenster so I am truly excited to give you all my honest review of the products that I received.

Here is the breakdown

BarkBox Toy:  BarkBox is the delivery sure to make your pup howl for joy! Each box contains $40 worth of dog goodies – 2 original toys, 2 bags of all -natural treats and a scrumptious chew.  Every Bark Box is designed around a fun doggy surprise that changes monthly, and plans start at $21 per month, including free shipping.

I received a toy for my little puppy Fenix to play with and of course, she loved the toy. She is only 7 months old so she is still teething a bit and this toy is now one of her favorites. Here is a picture of the toy below.


In all, I really was impressed with BarkBox.  Please go follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Barkbox

Mott’s Juice:  Mott’s Sensibles Apple Raspberry 80 oz -MSRP $3.49
Finally, a nice that’s sensible! New Mott’s Sensibles is 100% juice with 30% less sugar compared to 100% apple juice. New and only available at Target! You can also follow Motts Juice on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Motts.

This juice taste so good and my daughter loved this juice as well. I am always looking for great tasting healthy options for both me and my daughter.

Vera Wang Embrace Fragrances:  French Lavender & Tuberose – MSRP $29.99
The newest fragrance in the Vera Wang Embrace Collection, French Lavender & Tuberose draws inspiration from intimacy, celebrating moments in time to be cherished and embraced.  Like the rest of the collection, this fragrance awakens the romance inspired by Vera Wang’s heritage. You can follow Vera Wang on Instagram and Twitter @VeraWangGang as well as on Facebook @VeraWangFragrances.

This fragrance is so light and airy. I love that this fragrance is not too strong and not too light at the same time. I love the Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance collection. I also love the price point for such an elegant perfume.

Dove Men + Care:  Stain Defense Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray – MSRP $5.99
Dove Men + Care Stain Defense Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray tackles underarm stains and marks head-on while giving you powerful 48 – hour protection against sweat and odor. Dermatologically proven to be tough on sweat, not on skin, our Dove 1/4 moisturizer technology protects your underarms from discomfort and irritation. You can follow Dove Men + Care on Instagram and Twitter @DoveMenCare as well as on Facebook @DoveMenCareUS.

I gave this deodorant dry spray to my brother to try out so I writing base on his opinions. He overall liked the smell and he liked that this deodorant spray kept him pretty dry throughout the day which in his line of work, being in the military, staying dry in certain conditions is a must for him.

Pantene Pro-V:  Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Foam Conditioner – MSRP $6.99
Finally, a conditioner that provides air-light nourishment specifically for fine hair. Pantene Foam gives you all the benefits of a cream conditioner, but without hair feeling heavy or weighed down. You can follow Pantene on Instagram and Twitter @Pantene as well as on Facebook @PanteneNA.

This conditioner has a great smell and I was really hoping that it would work well for my hair type but I suffer from extremely dry scalp so this conditioner, unfortunately, didn’t work that well for me but if you have really fine hair and have issues with too much oiliness this conditioner is for you.

My Overall Thoughts

So my overall thoughts about this box were that I really liked the products that were sent to me complimentary for testing. I love the Influenster platform and I can’t wait to try out the next box that they send me for testing and sharing with my readers.

Until next time,





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