Hello all,

This week I will be reviewing the most popular drugstore highlighter that is currently on the market.  Late last year Maybelline introduced the FaceStudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighters.  Initially, 2 shades were release and being me, of course, I had to buy them both to give them a try.  The initial highlighter shades were Molten Gold and Molten Rose Gold.  I had not been using highlighters on my skin for very long since if you have read my previous blog posts I am a bit late to the game.  Of course as usual beauty influencers were posting all sorts of videos on how awesome these highlighters were plus when I looked at the affordable price point it was pretty much a no-brainer.

Now me being a woman of color I was truly crossing my fingers that these highlighters would highlight my facial features in a great way.  When I swatched the initial two shades I was so amazed at how the highlighter looked on my skin.  I got to hand it to Maybelline they have truly set the bar as far as drugstore makeup offerings for women of color.

Now most recently Maybelline introduced 2 more highlighter shades and me being my makeup junky self I bought them immediately to try them out.  The new shades are Molten Peach and Molten Topaz.  These shades were released just in time for the summer.  Now, these new shades are a little bit darker than the original two so for my fair skinned ladies/guys I am not too sure these new shades would work for you.  For my darker skinned ladies/guys these new shades, in my opinion, will work well for you. I am more in the middle as far as my skin shade so all of the highlighter shades look great on me for different parts of the year.  I can’t wait to see how the new shades will look on my skin once I darken up a bit during the summer time.  I have listed the details/ link of the highlighter below.

What’s happening now? The chrome effect. Now, skin heats up with a warm metallic sheen. This Maybelline FaceStudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter is infused with metallic pigments that create a reflective finish.


  • Heat up your look with a warm metallic sheen
  • Infused with reflective pigments that give a bold glow
  • Apply lightly for a subtle glow, or build up application for a bold melted metal look
  • Soft powder formula allows for seamless application

In my true opinion, the molten gold and rose gold shades will work best on me during the winter and the molten peach and molten topaz would work very well for me in the summer time.  These highlighters are beautiful and if you want to make a glow statement, these highlighters are it.


Well, that was my quick review on the Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Highlighters.  Stay tuned for next time.





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