NYX Cosmetics – Budget Makeup Series

Hello all,

This week I am starting a new series called  “Budget Makeup”.  There are a lot of consumers that loves makeup just like I do but can’t afford your top high end makeup brands.  So I pretty much want to spend the next couple of months featuring drug store makeup brands that of course are affordable and show how you I create some great makeup looks on a budget.  This month I am featuring NYX Cosmetics.

NYX Cosmetics has been around since 1999 and this drug store brand offers great quality products at an very affordable price point.  Now I was late to the game as far as discovering NYX Cosmetics.  I have only been purchasing items from the cosmetic line for about 2 years now.  Before then I was strictly a MAC Cosmetics girl. I had been wearing MAC Cosmetics since I was a teenager and it was pretty much all I knew.  So when I finally became this makeup fanatic, I really starting to branch out and try new brands.  When I was much younger, drug store brands just didn’t carry products that was complimentary to my skin tone.  MAC Cosmetics was like the only cosmetic line that offered foundation shades that matched my skin tone.  Now I still love my MAC Cosmetics products but after I became a mother, I could no longer afford to really continue to constantly purchase high end products so my make up game eventually slipped.  My daughter became my top priority and make up was like 2nd to last on my list.

Anyway fast forward to 2 years ago, I just got out of a long term relationship and I was trying to slowly get back into the dating scene and I was like I really need to get back into the make up game again.  So I started watching beauty influencers on YouTube and thats how I came to learn about NYX Cosmetics and I decided to check them out.  So I went to my local Ulta store of course and I as so amazed with the affordable, quality products that NYX offered. Since then I have purchase so many products and created so many great looks. So whenever I need a quick go to affordable option I always turn to NYX Cosmetics.

NYX Cosmetics is an affordable well known brand that you can find almost anywhere.  You can also go to their website to view and order anything that may not be in your local stores.  NYX Cosmetics is here to stay and if you are someone that can’t really afford the high end cosmetic makeup lines then NYX Cosmetics is a great option for you.  Also the NYX Cosmetics Face Awards is coming up soon so follow the competition to see how these great makeup artist create dynamic looks and videos by using mostly only NYX Cosmetics.

Well stay tune for next month when I feature the next budget friendly cosmetic line.



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