Trying to Lose Weight Once You Past the Big 40

Hi all,

This week I want to talk about how hard it can be for a woman over 40 to lose weight. I can say as I get older it is harder and harder for me to lose weight. I know that exercise and dieting is a huge part of it all but for me and most women my age, I hate doing both lol. After I had my daughter my body of course was changed forever. My cute size 1 shape was totally gone and my six-packed abs was now a no pack with a belly. I did get back into the gym and did the dieting thing once I was cleared by my doctor. I actually got back from my top size which was size 8 back down to a size 4. I truly enjoyed being that size 4 I had a little shape on me so I truly was loving myself at the time. A few years later I had a freak accident at the gym during Pilates class in which I messed up my neck. I was down for the count having to rehab my neck for about 5 or 6 months. During that time I was not able to exercise or do any strenuous activities. So I eventually went from a size 4 up to a size 10. I have never been a size 10 in my entire life so when I was cleared by my doctor to start exercising again I went at it full force but nothing was happening like before. I even changed up my diet to try to increase my metabolism which I can say I hated. I have never been the best cook and this way of dieting was causing me to have to cook more and more and spend a lot more money on nutritional foods. It is hard if you are a single mother on a budget to afford the nutritional organic selections at the grocery store which tend to be so expensive. Some pounds eventually fell off but sure enough, I gained it right back. I could not solve the problem as to why I had such a fluctuation with my weight. This was all so new to me and I didn’t know what to do. I could only do my best to keep myself healthy and just live with the new body that I had. Dating wise the guys loved the weight gain. It all went to some great places but to me the one place it went that I hated was my stomach area. I have never had what you called a gut and even after I had my daughter my stomach area went down again. At one point I was thinking about going underneath the knife to fix it. But I said I am going to first try to lose the weight in that area the hard way first and if that didn’t work, I would look at my alternatives. So I have signed up for a new gym in which I am making the effort to go and stick with a workout plan and I am really paying attention to what I now eat. I am not what you say dieting but I have changed up the portions of food that I eat at each meal. I have noticed some weight changes and I am starting to lose inches compared to pounds. Some my clothing that was fitting a bit tight is no longer tight fitting anymore.

I know I will never be a size 1 or even a size 4 anymore unless something was totally medically wrong with me. So, in the end, you can only love yourself for who you are and if you don’t like something you do have options to change it. I really hope that my weight loss story helps someone that has the same struggles as I do. Please feel free to comment and give me some weight loss ideas that have worked out for you.

Until next week!!!





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