Hi all,

Today I am reviewing the new anticipated Shayla X Colourpop Perception Eye Shadow Palette.  I have been following Makeup Shayla on Instagram and Youtube for quite a while now. She is so talented and I love each and every look and video she posts. Being a woman of color, finding makeup brands that cater to me that offer makeup choices for my skin tone has not been easy but many brands are finally coming around to offer more diverse options for women of color.  Makeup Shayla is one of those beauty influencers that has really help me as far as recommending brands and product options to try.

When she made the big announcement that she was coming out with a 16 shade eyeshadow palette I was so excited.  I couldn’t wait to order this palette and get my hands on it.  The eyeshadow palette is currently sold out at the moment but she did recently announce that a new restock will be available on tomorrow May 11th. So as I patiently waited for my palette to arrive, I tuned in to Makeup Shalya’s Youtube channel to learn as much as I could about this palette as well as watch Shalya slay with these makeup tutorials. Along with her eyeshadow palette, she also developed 3 lipstick shades, a lip topper(lip gloss), and 2 highlighters.  Now those bad boys sold out quick. I was grateful to have been able to order the eyeshadow palette.

When the palette arrived I was so impressed with what I saw.  The packaging was so beautiful and the shades were mind-blowing and yes the palette came with a nicely sized mirror!!  You can use this palette to create every day to evening looks. I have posted a look below that I have created since I received this palette. I plan to pretty much use this palette every day.  I just hope that this eyeshadow palette stays in stock for a while because I have a feeling I will need to order a backup just in case. I truly love that she made her new product line so affordable.  Me being a blogger on a budget I truly love when I can get high quality products at an affordable price.

Below is a description of the shades offered in this palette.  I have also included the link below as well. These shades are so pigmented and the quality is phenomenal.   I can say that overall this eyeshadow palette is the and I highly recommend this palette.



metallic ivory with a peachy flip
TF: metallic true gold
Titus: metallic gunmetal
Stallion: matte black with blue glitter
Spill the Tea: metallic warm taupe
Diva: metallic amber
I.E.: metallic olive
14: metallic navy
Strut ‘n Slay: metallic rosy copper
Culture: matte soft brown
Sassy: metallic eggplant with a teal flip
September: metallic pinky violet
Revenge: matte red brown
Thic: matte vibrant orange
Played Out: matte chocolate brown
Shade: deep matte purple with violet glitter

Makeup Shayla has nailed it again this collaboration with Colourpop.  I want to truly say congratulations and please go check her out on YouTube and Instagram.





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