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How To Find “Me Time”

Hi all,

I pretty much wanted write about finding that much needed me time for yourself. Being a single mom to a busy 12-year-old daughter plus 2 dogs, working full time and blogging, how do I find that much needed time for myself? I can say right now I have no clue. Like a lot of moms, it’s hard to find even a few minutes in a day to just breath. So I want to just want to spend a little time on this subject and let’s figure out how we can make finding some me time happen.

Locking myself in my room

When I get home from a long day at work and picking up my daughter at school. I always pretty much let my daughter know that I need about 30 minutes to settle down, change clothes, and take off my makeup. That 30 minute is my me time with myself before I need to either cook and help my daughter with her homework.

After all that I have about an hour or two to watch my favorite TV shows or take a nice hot relaxing bath before going to bed.

Shopping Alone Time

Okay, every blue moon I get a chance to do one of my favorite pastimes. SHOPPING!! Shopping by myself without a 12-year-old bugging me to buy her something or asking me why are we in this store for so long is everything. Shopping is therapeutic for me. To be able to just take my time to just try on clothes, check out some new sunglasses or hitting up Sephora to try out some new makeup is just so relaxing.

So once a month or two what I would usually do is arrange some time in which my daughter can go visit her grandmother or one of her aunts for a few hours. Since I don’t do this too often my mom and sisters are always happy to spend some quality time with my daughter.

Spa Day

Every couple of months I will go to the spa to either get a good facial or a much-needed massage. Spas are so relaxing and so quiet it’s like heaven. It’s like my much-needed home away from home for an hour or two. When I walk out of the spa I feel like a brand new relaxed person.

Movies By Yourself

At least once a month I pick a day to take in a movie. Many times I go to the movies during the week since I am not a big fan of crowded movie theaters. Now I know that some are not fans of going to a movie by yourself unless you are with friends and family or even on a date. I have learned that my friends and family have lives to and me waiting on a guy to take me out, I would never see any movies. So checking out a great movie while sitting in those awesome recliner theater chairs and eating my buttered popcorn is relaxing in my book. So don’t knock it until you try it.

Now I have given you some different ideas and ways of making and taking some time for yourself. Having some “me” time will keep you sane in our busy world and as a parent, it took me a long time to realize that I can’t always be supermom unless I take some time for me. I really hope you liked this blog post this week and stay tuned for the next one.






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